Athens Full Day and Free Time Plaka Area

After meeting your English-speaking chauffeur at the designated place and time and we will start first of all visiting the most important "hill" of Greece, the ACROPOLIS. After walking through PROPYLAEA the unique entrance of the ACROPOLIS you will see the Temple of ATHENA NIKE (NIKE means victory and ATHINA was worshipped in this form) and then you will see the PARTHENON, the temple dedicated to the goddess ATHINA the patron of Athens. PARTHENON is considered until now as a masterpiece of architecture built in the 5th century B.C during the GOLDEN CENTURY of PERICLES, finally you will see ERECHTEION which is being decorated with the beautiful CARYATIDES.

At the feet of the"sacred rock"you will have the chance to see the ODEON of HERODUS ATTICUS used until now and also the remaining ruins of the THEATRE of DIONYSUS. Before or after the visit of the ACROPOLIS you can visit the AEROPAGUS know us the MARS HILL, is the place that Apostle Paul delivered his famous speech about the 'UNKOWN GOD'.
Leaving behind this marvelous heritage we will continue to our next stop at the remains of the TEMPLE of OLYMPIAN ZEUS, the biggest temple ever built in ancient Greece, then we will proceed to the PANATHENAIC STADIUM. It was used in Ancient Athens to host the PANATHENAUM GAMES every four years and also it was used for hosting the first modern OLYMPIC GAMES in 1896. Next stop the HOUSE of PARLAMIENT where the TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER is located and we will see the famous change of the PRESIDENTIAL GUARDS,then we will start driving in the city of Athens passing by from the three most beautiful buildings and perfect examples of the neoclassical architecture,the ACADEMY, the UNIVERSITY and the NATIONAL LIBRARY.

We will proceed to PLAKA for your free time (approximately three hours). PLAKA is the most historical and beautiful neighborhood of Athens clustered around the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis. Your guide before leaving you will set a meeting point for you to meet your chauffeur so as to transfer you back to your ship or hotel. We can suggest you some great places for lunch or you can have your own arrangements.After having a great feeling of the Greek cuisine you can start strolling inside the stone paved streets of PLAKA with the numerous little souvenir shops or relax and enjoy a Greek coffee at the small typical cafes, after an easygoing afternoon inside PLAKA you will meet your chauffeur at the already set meeting point to transfer you back to your ship or hotel. If you desire a licensed guide is up on request.